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MAR employees are so much more than just that, we are truly family! As a government contractor providing professional and technical services to our valued customers, MAR's greatest strength and most cherished asset is our "people" and the human capitol resources we provide to our customers.

Today, MAR employs and has association with over 130 personnel: full-time, part-time, and consultants. Due to our diverse business base, MARís employees have backgrounds and skill sets with expertise in field support, maritime service, Cybersecurity, software development, engineering, system administration, health and safety, special control systems, financial, administrative management, and human capital resource management. Our employees are creative, talented, enthusiastic, motivated, energetic, "can-do", entrepreneurial...just to name a few of their outstanding qualities.

MAR employees receive competitive annual salaries and a full spectrum of benefits. Our ability to successfully identify, screen, hire and retain quality personnel in a timely and cost-effective manner in accordance with ISO standards, is evidenced by our high retention rate throughout the company. This is directly attributable to our commitment to maintain individual morale at a high level, provide opportunities for learning new skills and for career advancement and employee incentives.

MAR supports and encourages technical training of employees by offering a tuition reimbursement program. MAR will assist in paying for approved work related courses. In addition, MAR pays the full cost of its employees to attend approved technical and management development seminars and workshops. MAR understands the importance for our employees to be up to date with the latest technology, applications, and systems. We encourage and meet with our employees to develop a training plan that will enhance both their skills and knowledge of the job at hand.

MAR's highest priority is the safety of our employees. We hold regular safety meetings and annual inspections. It is important that our employees are trained in the importance of safe work environments to ensure an accident free workplace. MAR conducts periodic drug testing and physicals. Many of our employees are trained in both first aid and CPR.

Our employees receive competitive  salaries, benefits, training and incentives...but is this all we are really about? Absolutely not! MAR is also about enjoying our workplace and developing meaningful work relationships. MAR has a "Business Family" culture. Our employees thoroughly enjoy working with one another and believe in the team concept. We have sponsored social events such as bowling, sports, holiday parties, picnics, employee lunches, corporate retreats, etc. Employees enjoy casual dress on Friday's and wearing the various MAR polo's, wind shirts, hats, jackets, oxfords, all with corporate pride.

So as you can see, MAR is a great place to work. It is often referred to as our home away from home! We work hard and play hard. We know what it takes to get the job done while enjoying our family-fun environment.

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Top 10 Reasons our Employees Enjoy Working for MAR

  1. At MAR, our employees are individuals whose input is appreciated and respected, and where their hard work and dedication is recognized.

  2. Family oriented company with long term employees and relationships extending beyond the workplace.

  3. MAR provides a fun, friendly work environment where employees of all cultures and backgrounds interact and learn from one another.

  4. Team building and entrepreneurial spirit encouraged.

  5. Comprehensive benefits and competitive compensation.

  6. Tuition reimbursement and continuing education.

  7. Opportunities for career advancement through challenging work and unique learning experiences.

  8. Employees have the ability to perform cross-functional responsibilities, allowing them to obtain a wide range of valuable work experience.

  9. Open door communication and feedback.

  10. Internship positions for students seeking useful "real world" experience.